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By Dr. Edna Joyce Santos

This book is an epic saga of a woman’s journey to overcome all adversities and still remained steadfast and true to her faith despite all the challenges she faced in her life. She has experienced love, betrayal and financial ruin.

Her courage is admirable and her strength is incomparable. Her trust and faith in God have never wavered and have kept her from falling apart completely.

Her story needs to be told for a lot of expatriates have passed through almost the same phases as they chose to leave their families behind to seek greener pasture abroad.

It is her desire that the status of Filipinos abroad be extolled and given due recognition for their commendable contribution to their adopted countries.

Her story spans three decades … a roller coaster ride of unimaginable struggles. The lessons she has learned along the way and the wisdom she has gained would be passed on to generations to come with the advent of this book.

The names of the characters and locations had been changed to preserve the privacy of the people involved. This is based on a true story.

May Allah bless us always.

Dr. Edna Joyce Santos

Psychologist - Ophthalmologist - Author

Dr. Edna Joyce Santos is an accomplished and dedicated ophthalmologist for the past 27 years. She has pioneered the establishment of the Southern Tagalog Society of Ophthalmology for which she had received numerous citations and awards for various eye missions during her term as President. She was also the Past President of the Philippine Medical Women’s Association, Lucena-Quezon Chapter for four years. She had shown remarkable competence and professionalism as Head of the Department of Ophthalmology in different hospitals in her country and in the United Arab Emirates. She is also sought after as international speaker in her field of expertise.

At this point in time of her career she has found her passion in writing and has found it fulfilling to be able to touch people’s lives and share her thoughts and feelings with the world. Despite her success in her career, for which she is truly grateful, she has not been spared a life of frustrations and anxieties emotionally and financially. This is where she draws her motivation to tell people that they matter … that they are truly and incredibly loved by the Universe.

She has various books for publication soon, including her biography, “Are You Crazy?”, as well as the biography of Wolfgang Christoff, “Sohni”, who by the way is her life coach in her personal journey to life transformation. She will have a follow up to her book which would delve on her incredible journey to finally find pure and genuine love, peace and harmony in her life. She has found inspiration in her daughter, Pauline, and the unconditional love of a man who stood by her, cried with her and believed in her incredible abilities and great capacity to love. She is thankful to her friends who believed in her and showed her what a remarkable human being she truly is.

She is presently the official spokesperson and liaison officer for Miss Sophia Stewart, world famous author and franchise holder of The Matrix Trilogy and Terminator series. Watch out for the movie, The Matrix 4, and its’ attractions,

She is a staunch advocate of human rights and would not hesitate to be the voice of the underdog when called upon. She is also an avid environmentalist.

She is eternally grateful for all the blessings the Universe has poured on her and would like to be an inspiration to the world to make it a better place to live in.

Dr. Joyce can be contacted in her email address,, and Skype fatima.joyce1.

She is a psychologist as well, and an active student of life, ever curious, ever evolving. Come and be a part of her amazing journey.

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